Welcome to Hivestack's DSP, SSP, and Ad Server integration documentation!

At Hivestack, we feel the need for relevant and helpful documentation to be one of our top priorities. Why is that? To put it plainly, we've run into our fair share of horror stories when integrating with 3rd parties and feel that it wouldn't be fair to put you through a similar experience.

We try our best, but we are not perfect. If you feel there is something that could improved in our documentation or isn't clear, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your opinion and how we might improve!


The goal of the documents on this website are to teach you and guide you through the process of:

  1. As a media owner, connecting your inventory to Hivestack's SSP, Exchange, and intelligent Ad Server
  2. As a third party DSP, integrating with Hivestack's SSP via OpenRTB

Media Owners

For media owners - the owners of digital displays (billboards, bus station, restaurant, etc.) - it is important that we know about your inventory. If we don't know at least a few things about your displays, we won't be able to serve ads to them.

The Media owner integration guide will guide you through the process of telling us about your inventory in 4 steps:

  1. Authenticating with our APIs
  2. Pushing inventory information to our API
  3. Syncing audience impression numbers for your screens
  4. and, recapping what you learned to make sure you haven't missed anything

3rd party DSPs

For DSPs that wish to tap into inventory through Hivestack, you can view our OpenRTB integration guide here.