Ad Serving

Ad Requests

Ad serving routes are what drive digital out-of-home displays. It's how your digital inventory (screens) interact with the Hivestack ad server to receive ads to play.

The fundamentals of a digital display interacting with the Hivestack ad server are trivial. You are required to know 3 things:

  1. The unique identifier (UUID) of your screen
  2. The ad-serving base URL
  3. How to parse a VAST 2.0 file

1) Unique Identifier

To obtain a unique identifier for your digital display, refer to our inventory documentation. If you do not manage your own inventory in our system, you can contact us at [email protected] to get what you need.

2) Ad-serving Base URL

3) VAST Parsing

We conform to the adtech industry standard of using Video Ad Serving Tags (VAST) to deliver creatives from our ad server to your digital displays. There are multitudes of vast parsers written in many languages available freely on the internet, or you may implement your own if you're feeling up to it!

Here are a few: