Creative Submission

The creative submission endpoints aim to allow external buyers to send creatives for approval to publishers.
This has the advantage of allowing buyers to bid after their creative is approved. In order to do so, we allow the user to submit their creatives (via the POST endpoint) and fetch their approval status (via the GET endpoints).

In Hivestack, creative approval for external buyers is done at the creatives' file level. This is because
new files can be dynamically added to creatives when parsing a bid response. So, for example, if a creative is submitted with a single image file, then the image itself while be approved by the publisher. If a new file is added to the creative through a bid response, the new file will be pending for approval. Still, the creative's approved file will still be available to play. We also allow creatives to support more than 1 format. This means that a creative can have more than 1 creative file. Those files need to be individually approved.

To see our available publishers, please refer to our sellers.json.

For testing purposes, please use our uat endpoint: